Website Design & Development

With the Web becoming ever busier, it’s now even more crucial to have a strong and ‘sticky’ website. People spend less time on individual sites, more time site-hopping, and even more time viewing content on their phones and tablets.

Our Approach

Regardless of the scale; from small boutique websites through to large, bespoke content management systems, our approach to website design and development is always the same.

1. Brief

This is your opportunity to share with us exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. We establish your desired tone of voice, key call to actions, essential functionalities, and social media integration.

2. Plan

Before we get creative, we focus on functionality and content structure. We create wireframes of key pages and consider the user journey without being distracted by visual design.

3. Design

Building on all the information we’ve gathered during the planning and UX stage, we start exploring design ideas that work across multiple devices and screen formats.

4. Code

This is where our vision comes to life. We develop a static prototype of the site allowing you to test in a web browser. We then progress with CMS development, testing and launch.

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