Brucan Pubs Case Study

Hospitality, as it should be

From acorn to oak

Brucan Pubs was born in 2018 and has since flourished with a portfolio of five thriving pubs and one café. This remarkable achievement is even more impressive as it was accomplished amidst a global pandemic and economic turmoil.

Under the astute leadership of James Lyon-Shaw, the group has earned a reputation for rejuvenating worn-out pubs into vibrant destinations, offering patrons a blend of quality dining experiences and the warmth of a local pub.

"Ambition have been an invaluable business partner and instrumental in our success"

A tale of two half...pints?

The initial branding challenge had two components: the identity for Brucan Pubs, the overarching business arm, and the individual pub identities.

The Brucan Pub's Identity blends traditional typography, a premium colour palette, and a playful 'B' emblem. It has been designed to emphasise the traditional values of hospitality, reliability and quality.

The 'B' emblem is a stamp of quality that appears on all communications throughout each pub, from table talkers, posters and even their bespoke ale called 'Brucan Brew'. It is a subtle reminder to all those who visit and work in the venues of the values that underpin the organisation.

"The reactive nature of our sector means that not only do we rely on Ambition for our scheduled growth content and brand identity but also our marketing collateral which can often mean working to fast turnarounds and short deadlines to meet the needs of the business."

The pub identities have a consistent house style, creating an authentic and timeless suite of logos that each incorporates a custom illustration. Developing a consistent theme enables us to reduce the time and financial investment needed to launch a new venue, as we can easily repurpose posters, emails, and website templates.

We've loved working with the talented team at Brucan and look forward to supporting them in launching their next venue... we may have also benefited from the odd pub lunch 😉

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Ambition have an in depth understanding of our ethos, values and passions and ensure our branding remains true to our business

- James Lyon-Shaw -
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Ambition manage our ever-evolving digital presence, ensuring we have an elevated position in a heavily saturated market

- James Lyon-Shaw -
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