Quickbooks UK Homepage

Quickbooks Website Design / User Experience

The Objective

As part of an initiative to increase sign-ups for their free 30 day trial, Intuit UK approached Ambition to redesign the home page for their flagship product Quickbooks. Each element on the page would be rigorously tested by the A/B team at Quickbooks. Every font size, button colour and icon would need to justify it’s place on the page. We love a challenge!

Our Solution

Working closely with the marketing and front-end development team at Quickbooks, our designers reviewed the competitive landscape and critiqued the existing Quickbooks home page. Based on our findings, we developed a set of wireframes for the team to review, each containing a variety of header banners & content blocks, with carefully considered text alignments, font & button sizes and object positioning. Upon approval of the chosen wireframe, we styled all elements according to the Quickbooks brand guidelines. Icons were designed where necessary and unique interactive elements were crafted to enhance audience engagement.

The final result not only achieved it’s purpose of smashing existing conversion statistics but also won the internal team a well deserved award.

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