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QuickBooks Event Campaign / Marketing

The Objective

Intuit Quickbooks were planning an ambitious event, targeted at accountants, to promote the move from traditional software to modern, cloud-based accounting software. They’d hired the London Sky Bar on the banks of the River Thames, and needed a strong, memorable campaign to get accountants engaged with the journey to the cloud.

Our Solution

The studio took the theme of the ‘journey’ to create a concept which led each visitor through an immersive travel experience. A ‘check-in’ area greeted each visitor as they arrived and the journey up to the ‘sky-loft’ reinforced the analogy of moving to the cloud. The concept was realised through a range of print, digital and exhibition graphics. Bespoke elements such as boarding lanyards, animated flight times and adverts with strong messaging ensured that the event was an original and memorable experience for everyone.

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