Quickbooks HTML Emails

QuickBooks HTML Email Marketing / Template Design

The Objective

Quickbooks have a very pro-active email marketing strategy. They use it to engage with prospects and drip-feed new sign-ups with hints and tips on how to get the most out of their product. Ambition have designed & developed many campaigns for Quickbooks over the years. In 2016 they asked us to create a reusable template that had a mobile-first approach and many content elements to make creating new campaigns a breeze.

Our Solution

Our designers created many layer types which can be injected into the framework and repurposed very quickly. We designed unique, campaign specific icons along with bespoke animated icons, optimised for use in HTML emails. Rather than use an off-the-shelf framework such as Foundation, we decided to take a bespoke approach and build our own framework. This enabled us to keep the code light and lean.

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