National Children's
Gardening Week

National Children’s Gardening WeekWebsite Design & Build / WordPress / Branding / Illustration

The Objective

In partnership with HTA, the National Children’s Gardening Week (NCGW) brand was in need of an update and a new website that reflected the fun nature and community spirit of the week. In line with this thinking, the Ambition team spent time brainstorming engaging activities for kids; key resources to be used by garden centres across the UK; as well as the right deliverables to ensure a seamless collaboration between garden centre and customer. We’re excited to announce the launch of a new brand and website that we created for NCGW.

Our Solution

The most important part of the brief was to create content that could really add value to the garden centres. Content they would be proud to use and promote in their stores.

A big part of creating engaging content for families and younger children was the creation of a set of characters. Each representing a garden persona, and relating back to the garden centre, these are used across print and web collateral. We believe that the introduction of the characters has injected some much needed personality into the brand. HTA have also collaborated with Chris Collins, celebrity gardener, who is a great source of inspiration when it comes to getting the kids involved.

NCGW has been embraced by garden centres each year, and we look forward to seeing the work in use before, during and after this years week-long event. We hope to see a higher level of participation from both garden centres and consumers that inspires children to get involved with the activities.

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