Lifton Website

Lifton Website Design & Build / WordPress Theme

The Objective

When Stiltz Lifts revamped their innovative home lift range, they decided to promote it under a new brand – ‘Lifton’. Along with an elegant brochure design, they needed a clean, functional website, built on their existing CMS architecture to market the new lift.

Our Solution

Our designers utilised bespoke photography commissioned by the client, along with text content from the printed brochure; creating a small, complementary website built on WordPress. Utilising an off-the-shelf theme, we’ve created an affordable solution which the client can edit, with an intuitive drag & drop page builder. A clear call-to-action encourages users to enquire for a quotation, with form data pushed to the sales team via email, SalesForce and a dedicated Slack channel.

“Ambition thoroughly interrogate each idea ensuring both the creative team, and we the client, have explored all options. From a practical perspective, having an agency that can work across digital and print is a big positive – it means there is immediate creative synergy in our marketing assets.”

Yola Mealing, Marketing Manager, Lifton

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