Krispy Kreme Ireland Launch

Krispy Kreme Website Design & Build / WordPress / Marketing

The ‘Original Glaze’ is coming to Dublin!

Krispy Kreme are taking their mouth-watering doughnuts to Ireland. To kick-off the launch of the new store in Dublin, they needed a microsite to raise awareness and support the recruitment drive. Timelines were tight, but with the promise of free doughnuts, we took on the challenge with a sugary smile.

Digital Experience

As a global brand, Krispy Kreme strive to create a world class digital experience. With this in mind, we created custom experiences for both mobile and desktop users. Video, micro-interactions and scrolling effects were carefully integrated throughout the site to create an engaging user journey.

Recruiting the Dublin Team

A key business objective was the recruitment drive for the new store. Ireland boasts an impressive 5% unemployment rate, so the careers section needed to showcase the culture within Krispy Kreme and get potential employees excited about becoming a member of the team. Video, photography and clearly defined roles were linked to an existing recruitment platform.

Within 4 weeks of launch, they received over 1200 applications!

Social Sharing

To help raise awareness of the store opening, we created a social sharing feature that revealed a ‘yummy secret’ once the user spread the word on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone loves a secret, but they love a free doughnut even more!

One of the most creative and technically gifted agencies we have worked with. The team always deliver over and above our expectations, on time, every time. We couldn’t recommend them enough.


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