IAT Branding & Marketing Collateral

IAT Marketing

The Objective

IAT is a digital technology provider offering services in the form of epoints and bigDL. Connecting with businesses, retailers and consumers, IAT have a wide audience to reach, across a number of platforms. The studio was commissioned to bring these three core brands in line with each other whilst keeping the core styles and (recognisable aspects) intact. We updated the brand through refinement of the logos, as well as universal typography and a colour palette. This way, the three companies have their own identity, but work just as well alongside each other.


We have created a multitude of marketing collateral across all three brands, with epoints and bigDL being the leaders in the need for marketing material. With an app all about finding local deals, bigDL is aimed at consumers and has a much more fun, playful feel.


epoints is based around employee reward and recognition, as well as offering perks for retailers and traders. Using lifestyle images and subtle typography, the look and feel of this brand is more professional.

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