Make Your Own Luck

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity”

So where can you find opportunity? It’s all about setting yourself up so that opportunity comes to find you. I think many of us can find it hard to get into the mindset of constantly looking for a new job, course, learning a new skill, doing something different – so why not turn it into less of a chore and more of a constant way of thinking. If you’re always on the look out for opportunity, you’ll soon find that there are more doors open around you than you first thought.

Here’s a few of my favourite ways to make sure you’re aware of the opportunities around you:

Be Brave

A lot of opportunity comes from the unexpected. Be an advocate of doing something different, or trying something in a different way. Don’t be afraid to ask strangers for advice. It’s important to make it your mission to find a great opportunity, so always be asking questions and be curious about finding out more when you come across an interesting person. You never know what you could offer each other!

“Whilst working in a petrol station, I got talking to a customer. I could tell by the advertising on his car that he was part of a design agency. He ended up giving me his business card and later offering me a job, based on the fact I was curious enough to ask him questions”

Stay in contact

It’s so important to stay in contact with people you may have already worked with or spoken to. Especially if you are at the start of your journey in design, it’s a great way of building your network. Even someone who interviewed you for a job you didn’t get – stay in touch and maybe comment on a project you’ve seen them working on. Build your own community of people in your field.

“I wrote a prospective letter to an agency asking for an internship opportunity. They didn’t have anything available at the time but we are still in contact and regularly update each other on projects we’re working on. It’s great to have industry contacts to review work with”

Set goals

If you don’t know what your goals are, you probably aren’t looking in the right place for an opportunity that’s going to be fulfilling for you. Every few months it’s good to set new goals, review the old ones and then keep those in your mind at all times. When possible, turn chance meetings and spontaneous decisions into goals ticked off the list.

Lana Fowler - Junior Designer

After completing an internship in Denmark, Lana joined the Ambition team. She loves the creative thinking part of the design process and has a personal soft-spot for print design. Her experiences have inspired her to forge her own path and she is passionate about inspiring others to do the same. Read more about that on her blog, The Juniors.

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