5 ways to get the most out of working with a design agency

Sometimes hiring a creative agency to enhance your project can be daunting. Design and creativity are often seen as subjective, and putting your brand in the hands of a third party isn’t an easy decision for everyone. Here’s 5 tips to give you some insight into the role of a good design agency, and how to make the most of your experience working together.

1. Choosing the right design agency

It goes without saying that working with the right agency is a big step in moving towards success. A lot of agencies and studios have a relaxed and friendly approach to their work, so starting off with a conversation is a great way to gauge what the team are like. A lot of this is down to personal preference, so get in contact and see how they fit. Also look out for agencies that may specialise in certain areas that align with your business.

2. Use their strengths to your advantage

Not only do we ‘make things look good’ but we use methods of design and lateral thinking to solve problems. That is the real meaning of design. Using this knowledge can inform decisions you make – be brave with the insights that you’re given from the agency. A designer’s point of view may answer more questions than you had expected it too. Taking on this alternative angle, can reap huge rewards for the success of a project.

3. Don’t restrict the agency early on

When you’re writing a design brief it can be tempting to spell out what form the final outcomes should take. Allow the agency time to do their brainstorming and put their design thinking brains to good use. These sessions give your designers the opportunity to explore ideas and form innovative results.

4. Have conversations

In order to get the best out of all that creative thinking, conversations need to be had. Rather than only being in contact at briefing and proofing stages, be curious about what the agency are doing. Having short discussions throughout the project will help both sides understand the context better. It pays to work collaboratively.

5. Keep them in the loop

It can be easy to think that what goes on internally doesn’t affect the work the creative team is doing. Often, ongoing decisions within your company will have an impact. Make sure you keep your design agency in the loop by telling them about industry news and service/product updates. It may even lead to new opportunities that you hadn’t thought of before.

If you’re unsure about starting a new relationship with a creative team or looking to revive one you’ve got, hopefully this will help you to get a little more out of working together. Contact Gerry on 01344 888 721 or at gerry@ambitioncreative.co.uk to find out a little more about how working with Ambition Creative can benefit your business. Let’s start the conversation.

Lana Fowler - Junior Designer

After completing an internship in Denmark, Lana joined the Ambition team. She loves the creative thinking part of the design process and has a personal soft-spot for print design. Her experiences have inspired her to forge her own path and she is passionate about inspiring others to do the same. Read more about that on her blog, The Juniors.

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