Design students experience life at Ambition

Ambition welcomed two students from The Sixth Form College Farnborough into the studio during April. We worked with the tutors at the local college to offer the opportunity to the graphic design students. After submitting a portfolio and cover letter, Charlotte and Amy each had the chance to experience life in a busy design studio. We asked them a little about how they found the experience. Read on to hear some of their thoughts and advice to other young designers.

Could you start by giving us a short overview of what you worked on during your week at Ambition?

Charlotte: I spent my week at Ambition focusing on a rebranding project for a food company (Milton’s Craft Bakery). I developed two mood boards and then went on to create a logo and a style guide. The brief was to bring the existing brand more in line with its competition on the supermarket shelf.

Amy: We chose a magazine (Style at Home) which was not standing out on an over crowded supermarket stand. The brief was to design a front cover which was simplified but didn’t come across upmarket so that it related to the target audience of mothers. The original cover was full of bright colours and had an overcrowded structure and the end result was a summer edition front cover for the magazine ‘Style at Home’ which was bright and easily relatable.

miltons banner

Why did you choose to apply for the role of design intern for a week at Ambition?

Charlotte:  I felt it was an amazing opportunity and I had nothing to lose by applying so I went for it. I knew that even if I didn’t get the internship it would’ve been a good experience going through the process of applying.

Amy: I chose to apply for the role to see what a working environment is like in a design company and how work is completed.

How did you find the experience?

Charlotte: It was a really enjoyable experience and I took away so much from the week I had. It was really good to get new opinions about my work and to learn about how a rebranding process would actually take place.

Amy: I found the experience very good, I learnt a lot about how important it is to research and create a foundation for design. I also liked how there would be group meetings to discuss each other’s work and how everyone helped each other and gave their inputs to come to the best outcome.

How was it different or similar to your expectations, and what was the number one thing you learnt?

Charlotte: I don’t really know what I was expecting. I tried to go in being open-minded, I think the rebranding process was more detailed than I originally thought it would be – I definitely learnt a lot. I learnt that you need to give your design space and sometimes it is better to just keep it simple, it wasn’t really something that anybody has spoken to me about before and it has definitely made me consider how I layout my designs as well as how I want to scale certain elements within a logo.

Amy: I was happily surprised how my own project was treated as a real project, which was very nice as I could see what it would be like with a client. I also learnt how to use the basics of Indesign.

style at home banner

What are your next steps? Any goals for the upcoming months in your creative journey?

Charlotte: I’m going to start looking at universities and foundation art courses, I’m also continuing to try gain as much experience as I can because I think it is so valuable.

Amy: My next steps are to achieve good a-level grades and to pursue looking for long-term creative opportunities over summer. My goal would be to find a specific type of design which I enjoy the most.

What would you recommend for anyone looking to complete some work experience in a design studio?

Charlotte: I think you have to apply for any opportunities that appeal to you, even if you don’t get chosen it is a good experience anyway and you definitely won’t get it if you don’t apply in the first place. I’d also say be open to trying new things, it might seem daunting but it is such a good way to learn especially when you are surrounded by lots of experienced people who are willing to help.

Amy: I would recommend they research the company well first and while there be themselves and show dedication to work and enthusiasm.

Whether it’s for 1 week or 3 months, we believe work experience at a studio is vital if you’re looking for a career in design. Congratulations to Charlotte and Amy for completing their weeks here at Ambition. We were very impressed with the confidence and level of ability for students who have only been designing for less than 2 years! Take a look at the Graphic Design department’s Instagram, for more inspiring work from the students.

I’ve written a little more advice for completing 1-2 weeks of work experience on my blog. Read it here.

Lana Fowler - Junior Designer

After completing an internship in Denmark, Lana joined the Ambition team. She loves the creative thinking part of the design process and has a personal soft-spot for print design. Her experiences have inspired her to forge her own path and she is passionate about inspiring others to do the same. Read more about that on her blog, The Juniors.

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